By assessing your company’s processes and needs, ACTIWISE poised to provide your business with advice on selecting solution to suit your needs, and recommending new strategies to help your business grow.


ACTIWISE have knowledgeable and experienced software experts, we believe one size does not fit all and providing multiple ways of training that allow you to completely customize how and what is delivered to your team.


ACTIWISE Helpdesk Support has a dedicated team of highly skilled personnel with years of experience. We provide phone, remote access assistance, Skype Support and newsletters upadte.

Accounting, foundations for SMEs to succeed!

We assure you to get optimum results and gaining competitive advantage over your competitors. AutoCount Accounting is one of the most easy to learn and use Business Solution with basic accounting knowledge, you can manage your company data in one system and it is easy-to-navigate with Windows interface. Most of the features and functions are keyboard operable. Each module in Autocount Accounting are integrated and operated seamlessly under one system. Its on-line system auto posting feature can minimize your workload and reduce human error. It saves your time and improves work efficiency.

Mobility, Instant access anytime, anywhere.

We empower companies to meet changing business needs with a comprehensive business management platform. Sage 100 Evolution is designed to give you the most complete and accurate view of your business both from a financial and operational perspective. Real-time inventory levels, customer and balance information. Track all customer and supplier transaction activities, support incidents associated with a customer, the agent working on the incident, history of events with instant access anytime, anywhere capabilities able to improve customer relationships.

Payroll, save time and stay compliant

To Process Payroll can be a headache and complicated work, Constant changes in statutory and employment law make paying employees and filing taxes complicated and time-consuming. mooPayroll is designed to give employers the ability to create pay checks or access payroll reports anytime. Employers can calculate, review and create payroll within minutes.

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