AutoCount 1.9.1 Release Note : AutoCount & SST

AutoCount 1.9.1 Release Note : AutoCount & SST

With the introduction and implementation of the SST (Sales and Services Tax) by the government, AutoCount has released the new version of AutoCount (v1.9.1) which contains important updates on the restructuring of the GST features as well as how to apply the AutoCount SST features for your business accounting. Please contact your AutoCount dealer to update your AutoCount software to version (Database version  This is the AutoCount v1.9.1 Release Note: AutoCount & SST you should bookmark:

Remark: If your company is not registered under SST, you are not required to run the Configure Malaysia SST Wizard. 


The Tax menu (Previously GST menu)

The Tax menu have been modified to fit both GST and SST functionality under one menu. The Tax Code Maintenance menu as well as all Tax reports are placed under this menu, while specific GST and SST functionalities are placed under their respective sub menus. Please take note  that the SST specific functions are currently not working as the rules governing them have not been published yet by Custom.


AutoCount SST / GST Options menu

The Tax category inside the Options menu have been changed. In order to access specific options for either GST or SST, user must navigate to the Tax Code Maintenance function and either click the Configure Malaysia GST button or Configure Malaysia SST button. 

autocount sst option menu how to


Changes to Configure Malaysia GST button

As mentioned above, if the user wishes to access and modify their previous GST settings, they must use the Configure Malaysia GST button in Tax Code Maintenance. In this function, the GST Option tab is added, in which all the previous options and settings is placed within it.

autocount accounting sst version

autocount accounting sst download

autocount accounting how to update to sst


How to Configure Malaysia SST to AutoCount? 

Similar to how a user previously configure the Malaysia GST, the user will have to go to the Tax Code Maintenance under the Tax menu to access the wizard to configure their SST tax code. When running the wizard for the first time, the user must answer 3 questions before the SST tax codes are generated. If at any time, the user answers “Yes” for either of the first 2 questions regarding if they are subjected to SST, the user must enter their tax registration number in the provided fields inside the wizard. Failure to do so will cause the wizard to not progress to the third question.

autocount v.1.9.1 sst applications


Sales and Service Tax Registration Number

After a user has entered their Sales (and/or) Service Tax Registration number in the SST Wizard, the Company Profile window will be updated with the new Registration numbers in their respective fields.

autocount sst company profile section


For more information on how to update to AutoCount SST (version 1.9.1), kindly refer to Support release note or talk to us

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

What’s fixed in this AutoCount version 1.9.1 :
1. Fix object reference when preview price history report on Report Design Centre
2. Fix deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row issue at Bonus Point Adjustment
3. Fix due date prompt error when choose those debtor have credit terms
4. Fix unable to import price book rule by excel issue
5. Fix get default tax code when copy paste master item package record

What’s enhanced in the latest update:
1. Add smart use unit price for minimum price comparison option


For more information about AutoCount SST Upgrade and AutoCount SST Configuration, kindly refer to our support team.


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