Autocount update to v1.9 – June 2018

Autocount update to v1.9 – June 2018

Malaysia government has announced the change of GST from 6% to 0% effective from 1 June 2018. All users of AutoCount Accounting system who are also registered as taxable person are advised to upgrade the current AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 to newly released version 1.9. The Autocount update is necessary as several changes and enhancements have been made in this version 1.9 to facilitate the change of rate.

Upgrade of AutoCount Accounting (version 1.8 to version 1.9) & AutoCount POS system is necessary to cover various aspects of GST functions to fulfil the latest requirements.

Upgrade version will be release soon by Auto Count Sdn Bhd. All AutoCount users who are using GST functions are advised to follow closely on the latest announcement and liaise with AutoCount authorized dealers for the upgrade.


Package / Edition Fee for version 1.9
License Key
AutoCount Express Account
AutoCount Account
AutoCount Accountant Set
per product ID or dongle ID
AutoCount Express Invoicing
AutoCount Express Stock
AutoCount Express Complete
AutoCount Basic
AutoCount POS 3.0 Basic
AutoCount POS 3.0 Standard
per product ID or dongle ID
AutoCount Pro
AutoCount Premium
AutoCount Ultimate
AutoCount Freely Customized
per product ID or dongle ID
New Users (Purchased*
AutoCount on 14 May 2018 or
*Permanent license is issued
No Charge


Fee for Upgrade Service (via remote access*)

  1. AutoCount update by Authorized Dealer:
    Service fee is chargeable depending on numbers of PC, account book, package etc.
  2. Upgrade by your own – no charge

* Requirement for on-site service will be charged on case per case basis and upon availability.


Why there is a charge on Autocount update to v1.9?

  1.  There are several changes and enhancement in v1.9 that is essential for the change of rate.
  2. For users who have valid service contract with Auto Count Sdn Bhd, fee is only charged on the license key. There is no charge on service fee.
  3. Fee charged on license key is for the upgrade from v1.8 to v1.9 and subsequent 3 months of updates (if any) related to change of GST rate.
  4. AutoCount has not been charging any fee on numerous software updates since its first GST version (version 1.8) in year 2015.
  5. Fee rate imposed in this upgrade is relatively low (ranging from RM100 ~ RM200) depending on package used.


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