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The benefits of migrating to cloud-based solutions are many. We have identified reliable Solutions to serve under our hood while keeping our classic, traditional offerings.


Autocount Accounting

With its advanced technology such as Microsoft .Net Framework, SQL Server 2005, and internet ready, AutoCount Accounting stands out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements. Characterized by its easy-to-learn and integrated features, AutoCount Accounting helps to streamline your business operation.

Autocount Pos

It is an Offline POS with Real-Time Data Synchronization Capability. Each terminal will keep its database and unaffected by server. It is stable as both of its back-end and front-end database are supported by Microsoft SQL Server. APOS is fully integrated with powerful AutoCount Accounting which is an integrated business solution that comprise of accounting, stock and invoicing.


Autocount On The Go

AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) allow user to access company information via our website at any Internet Connection available place. No changes to office internal operation. Internal staffs will still allow to use AutoCount as it is. Besides, AOTG is backed with back end AutoCount engine, which is robust, trusted, proven by its product history.


With moopayrool, you can now enjoy ease of mind with automated payroll & leave management, natively integrated with accounting softwares and banks to deliver accurate and timely payroll. Access it anywhere, anytime, on mobile or desktop.

moopayroll software malaysia

Sage UBS

With over 25 years of experience and over 500,000 users, we now deliver to you Sage UBS with proper GST support. Reviewed by Tax Consultants and approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs for the purposes of the SME subsidy.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll & HR

AutoCount Cloud Payroll & HR is one of the best accounting software used by many companies to manage all their payroll & HR information remotely online at one portal to replace the traditional hard copy method.

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Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is a hassle free payroll system which automatically calculates wages, allows for easy set-up and customisable deductions.