autocount ON THE GO.

With AOTG, you can check your business anyway, anyway with your EXISTING notebook, phones or tablets.


Product Features

AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) allow user to access company information via our website at any Internet Connection available place. No changes to office internal operation. Internal staffs will still allow to use AutoCount as it is. Besides, AOTG is backed with back end AutoCount engine, which is robust, trusted, proven by its product history.
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Secure, Reliable and Ownership

Backed with proven back-end engine. Your data is secure and most importantly it is yours.


Flexible in investment and method to access information. No huge upfront investment to enjoy the service.


Easy to setup, least impact to existing business operation, can access via any smart phone and tablet with web browser.

Business owners / Manager

With AutoCount On The Go, you are able to retrieve company information anywhere anytime while your staffs continue to use the accounting & billing software they used to — AutoCount. You are able to view unpaid and pass due date invoices, daily sales and collection, stock level, etc all on your EXISTING mobile devices.


Accountant setup AutoCount Server to host Account Book for their clients. All data will be physically in Accountant premises. Staffs of Accountant will be using Application which they familiar with — AutoCount to access to client’s database. With AutoCount On The Go (AOTG) setup in the AutoCount Server, clients who subscribe to AOTG service will be able to access to their company information via AOTG website using their existing devices, such as notebook, tablet or smart phone.

Mobile User

With AutoCount On The Go, you will always have the latest stock and price information on hand. Our mobile friendly data entry screen will also help you to create order, invoice and receipt and print it out while you are out of office.

Remote Office and Branches

With AutoCount On The Go solution, AutoCount will be installed in HQ (or the branches with the most staffs working). Staffs in other branches will access to AutoCount information through AOTG Website. This is no additional software need to be installed in branches. As for HQ, as long as the AutoCount server is able to browse to any website, there is no additional port need to be opened at the firewall or setting up DDNS. This is much secure and simple then most solutions that required DDNS or Remote Desktop, with is complicated to setup or expose your hold AutoCount server to public network if it is not configure correctly.

What Can AutoCount Do For Your business?

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