Sage 100 Evolution.

Get complete visibility of your business in real time


Product Features

Sage 100 Evolution is a powerful accounting and financial management software solution that allows SMEs to maximise operational efficiencies, enhance business intelligence and drive productivity. Simple, efficient and cost-effective.
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Cost-effective business management


Easy to use user interface


Integrated modules for financials, inventory, order management and more


Multi-warehousing, multi-company, multi-pricing and multi-currency


Mobility to check real-time information on inventory levels, customer and balance information on the go


Powerful dashboards and business intelligence help you make faster, better decisions

Boost operational efficiency with
an easy to use integrated solution

As companies continue to grow and evolve, so do their complexities. Sage 100 Evolution empowers companies to meet changing business needs with a comprehensive business management platform, designed to give you the most complete and accurate view of your business both from a financial and operational perspective.

Sage 100 Evolution provides the tools and capabilities to enhance business intelligence and meet complex financial requirements at any level.

Effectively manage inventory and operations across multiple locations

Get complete control and visibility of your inventory

  • Create inventory groups to sort and filter inventory items
  • Maintain multiple units of measure and specify a buying and selling unit for each inventory item using Unit of Measure
  • Factor costs like duty, brokerage, freight and insurance into your inventory cost and cost of sales using Import Cost Allocations
  • Control pricing by only allowing a minimum gross profit value per inventory item
  • Update your stock levels upon delivery of goods without even receiving the actual supplier invoice
  • Serialise individual inventory items and keep track of them by their history using Serial Number Tracking
  • Maintain multiple selling prices per inventory item or inventory group and per customer/supplier or customer/ supplier group using Pricing Matrix.

Get accurate and real-time financial and accounting information at anytime

Enhance your finance processes and business performance

  • Date driven system that allows you to post transactions at any time
  • Ability to control who can open and close accounting periods
  • Create and store unlimited financial accounting periods
  • Print cheques of any bank in your own customised format
  • Maintain multiple sets of companies with their own chart of accounts
  • Ability to roll back transactions

Instant access to key business information anytime, anywhere

Empower your sales force with mobility to close deals faster

  • Real-time inventory levels, customer and balance information
  • Create templates, process quotations and sales orders
  • Incorporate line discounts supporting both amount and percentage
  • Fast, flexible searching capabilities enable you to quickly and easily look up prices and stock availability
  • Email confirmed sales orders to customers
  • Access permissions for each sales representative, allowing you to limit their access to their own customised KPIs

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