What is Sage Payroll System?

What is Sage Payroll System?

Sage Payroll is a professional payroll system designed to allow users to have a complete control and visibility over their payroll. Streamlined payroll processes and standard documentation via pre-determined HR templates provided by Sage Payroll system will highly increase you efficiency and as well productivity in dealing with resources and any payroll issues.


Advantages of using Sage Payroll system:

  • Avoid any unnecessary errors caused by human
  • Full compliance to local legislation
  • User-friendly which is easy to use and setup
  • Save money and energy from HR of the manual routines to focus on the more strategic tasks


Why Choose Sage?

  • Although our payroll system is easy to learn and use, we still always get ready to offer assistance and supports, in case you might need a helping hand anytime in future. Sage Payroll is backed by market-leading support, where you can access to our experts via phone or email.
  • Sage Payroll can help you to manage and take care of your employees. With Sage Payroll, your employees’ information can be stored securely, holidays can be managed smoothly and custom absences types can be recorded with no errors.
  • With our payroll system, you don’t need to hire a payroll expert or to be one. All you need to do are just a simple installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centre. Even a first user will be able to get on hand easily and immediately.
  • We offer you a hassle-free payroll. Sage can help you to pay you employees, no matter how large or complex your payroll is. It will automatically calculate all the wages and allow some easy set-up and customisable deductions.
  • Employees can be paid straight from your software. It can save your time so you are able to focus on other operations of your business.


Key Features of Sage Payroll


  • It is downloaded once you buy it online
  • Quick and straightforward installation
  • Set-up wizard to help you get started easily
  • Easy to use that you don’t need to hire a professional payroll expert
  • A video tutorial provided to guide you through all the common tasks

Manage your payroll

  • Payroll will be processed weekly, once in a fortnight and monthly
  • A wide range of payslip layouts available for you to choose
  • Payslips can be printed or emailed to your employees
  • Payments and deductions can be automatically calculated
  • Employee loads can be calculated and processed
  • Holiday pay is recorded and calculated
  • Employees can be paid electronically using e-banking

Keep up-to-date with payroll legislation

  • It is complied with the latest legislation for the tax year
  • Statutory sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay will be calculated automatically
  • Student loans and attachment of earning orders are recorded
  • Fixed amount or percentage calculated pension schemes are recorded
  • Close
  • Employees will be paid straight away from your software
  • Time will be saved and errors will be reduced by automating processes
  • Payments can be managed and tracked quickly and conveniently.
  • Your payments can be made sure to be safe, secure and controlled by authorisation processes and rights can be accessed

Store records of employees

  • Absence
  • Holidays
  • Appraisals
  • Disciplinary records
  • Written statements of employment
  • History of job and salary
  • Documents attached to employee records
  • Close
  • Holidays and absence are managed
  • Holiday and absence are recorded in days or hours
  • Your own custom absence types are recorded
  • Holiday entitlement are managed for individual employees
  • Employee holidays are accrued easily and accurately
  • Payments and deductions are automatically calculated for distinct absence types
  • Payments are calculated for sick pay, maternity or paternity, overtime, bonus and pensions

Analyse payroll data

  • Payslips, payment summaries, holiday and absence reports are easily generated.
  • A range of reports can be printed quickly in one batch.
  • Your favourite reports are saved for fast and simple access.
  • Data will be analysed by cost centre and department.
  • Your own reports are created with the report designer.
  • Close
  • Your payments are kept accurately and securely.
  • Backup will be done easily and your data will be restored.
  • Your data will be rolled back to correct your errors from the previous payroll runs.
  • Restrict users from accessing certain parts of the program by applying access rights.
  • Payslips will be emailed securely to employees.
  • PDF reports will be protected by password to keep them safe and secure.

Full details of the features at https://www.actiwise.com.my/product/sage-payroll/

Technical requirements

General Technical Requirements

  • Minimum 1 GHz processor for 32-bit Windows / Minimum 2 GHz processor for 64-bit Windows
  • 800 MB for program installation
  • LAN network connection for on-premise use.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM for 32-bit Windows / Minimum 4 GB RAM for 64-bit Windows.
  • Pre-requisite Software
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Operating Systems
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10


Sage Payroll Price List in Malaysia:

Sage Payroll 15 (Single User)                              : RM 500
Sage Payroll 30 (Single User)                              : RM 1000
Sage Payroll 60 (Single User)                              : RM 1500
Sage Payroll 100 (Single User)                            : RM 2000
Sage Payroll 150 (Single User)                            : RM 2500
Sage Payroll Premium (Single User)                  : RM 3000
Sage Payroll Add-on User (Per User)                 : RM 500
Sage Payroll Training Pack (Payroll)                   : RM 600
Sage Payroll Training Pack (HRMS)                    : RM 500
Sage Payroll 15 Yearly Support                           : RM 500
Sage Payroll 30 Yearly Support                           : RM 600
Sage Payroll 60 Yearly Support                           : RM 700
Sage Payroll 100 Yearly Support                       : RM 800
Sage Payroll 150 Yearly Support                       : RM 900
Sage Payroll Premium Yearly Support             : RM 1000


Notes on Sage Cover:

  1. Sage Cover for 1 year is included in the License price.
  2. Working dongle with software activation free of charge can be replaced by customers holding dongle with valid Sage Cover.
  3. License can be traded in by customers with Sage Cover for equivalent license in another product line by paying the price difference in SRP (for example Sage UBS Payroll 30 to Sage UBS Payroll 100).There will be no refund if the price difference is negative.
  4. Price list is subject to change without prior notice. More information at official site.

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