Autocount Cloud Payroll & HR

with AutoCount Payroll software, you can manage payroll and HR of your business remotely and easily anywhere else.


One-stop Management In One Portal

Real time HR Dashboard allows you to manage all your payroll & HR information anytime remotely at one go.

Free Maintenance Fee

AutoCount Payroll is developed to be auto-updated continually, hence expensive hardware investment & software updates will never be a worry.

Be Updated Online At Once

Your staff can be updated instantly online about anything, including e-Leave, e-Profile, e-Claim, instead of doing a lot of paper works.

Security Guaranteed

All your payroll & HR data will be automatically backed up to cloud from time to time. We ensure 100% confidentiality of your data.

Pay For Only What You Consume

AutoCount Payroll is the most cost efficient software in Malaysia. It charges by each employee user, instead of block rates.

Become More Efficient

It is easy to import data for attendance & time information. Complicated submissions and manual processing can be eliminated.

Autocount Cloud Payroll & HR

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HR Dashboard in AutoCount Payroll allows you to view the overall information of employees, pay scale and other details at one glance. With the software, everything becomes accessible and they are all ready to be used whenever, wherever they are needed. It saves your time on cumbersome processes such as searching for data details, pulling reports using built-in report designer feature.

Claim Module

Our claim system is different from other auto count payroll software providers. It includes benefits and features such as:

  • HR personnel can set up any items that are eligible to be claimed from company.
  • HR can manage claims more consistently
  • It is more convenient for employees to submit their claims online, instead of using hard copy submissions.

Loan Module

Companies can use loan system to calculate and track loans that have been provided to employees if there is any. Besides, employers can pull out reports from the loan system anytime easily to keep themselves up to date on the loan status.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal

There are several benefits that can make you more convenient, such as:

  • Employees can always update their personal information easily anywhere, anytime.
  • It provides a summary view of all information.
  • Employees can download soft copy of their monthly payslip and EA from the portal.
  • Employees can submit claims or apply for a leave online easily, instead of submitting hard copy letters.
  • Managers from each department can get an instant access to respective company information with just a click without a need to wait for HR reports.

Customize Your Leave

With AutoCount Payroll,

  • HR can conduct some leave adjustments to control the number of leaves of specific employees.
  • HR can create different types of leaves if it is appropriate and relevant.
  • HR can customize staff leave entitlement to meet your business needs.
  • Employees can submit and apply for their leaves online without any hard copy submissions. With that, employers or managers can approve their submissions anytime remotely.

Product Features

  • Payroll and HR history is displayed in tabular and graphical format.
  • It can support calculations from different formula for overtime pay rate.
  • AutoCount Payroll setup wizard eases first time users.
  • It checks and eliminates errors in payroll tax deductions with embedded LHDN-PCB calculator.
  • It provides overall analytics and management reports.
  • It possesses built-in report designer with pay slip design feature.
  • It is connected to online banking facilities of major banks.
  • It supports online submission of Income Tax, SOCSO, EPF reports.
  • AutoCount Payroll is specially designed to cater the rules and regulations as stipulated under Malaysian Labor Law.
  • It is embedded with Malaysian Labor Act guide as reference.
  • Your data will be automatically backed up to a reliable server to prevent loss of data due to a power outage which causes your system down.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll Packages Comparison

Stand out as one of the best accounting software for today business requirements.

Payroll Basic Payroll Premium

From RM 40

From RM 44
e-Leave Module Yes Yes
e-Claim Module Yes Yes
Employee Self-Service Portal Yes Yes
Employee Profile Management Yes Yes
PCB Calculator with Pre-filled Data capabilities for verification in LHDN calculator Yes Yes
Calendar Maintenance Yes Yes
Employee Salary Yes Yes
Overtime Yes Yes
Allowance Yes Yes
Report Modules Yes Yes
Statutory Type Yes Yes
Electronic Payment Yes Yes
Payroll (commission/claim/bonus/ad-hoc) Yes Yes
e-Approval (Leave and Claim) Single User Multiple User
Email Notifications Yes Yes
Loan Repayment Scheduler No Yes
Formula calculations No Yes
Report Designer No Yes
Direct Bank Integration No Yes
Multiple Bank Account Payout No Yes
Advanced Calendar No Yes
Support (Online Chat/Tutorial Video) Yes Yes
Individual Account Security Feature: 2-Factor Authentication Yes Yes

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